The Restorative Practices Handbook - Second Edition

The Restorative Practices Handbook - Second Edition


By Bob Costello, Joshua Wachtel & Ted Wachtel

The Restorative Practices Handbook is a practical guide for educators interested in implementing restorative practices, an approach that proactively builds positive school communities while dramatically reducing discipline referrals, suspensions and expulsions. The handbook discusses the spectrum of restorative techniques, offers implementation guidelines, explains how and why the processes work, and relates real-world stories of restorative practices in action.

Note about the second edition.
Since the first edition of this book was written in 2009, hundreds more schools across the U.S. and the world have implemented restorative practices. Research studies have been conducted to examine how restorative practices may best be implemented. The changes to this new edition have been minor, however. We replaced some older stories with relevant new anecdotes. Several theoretical points have been clarified. More emphasis has been placed on the proactive use of restorative practices, especially circles. We’ve also added examples of how administrators may use restorative practices with teachers and other staff. Thanks to IIRP Lecturer Mary Jo Hebling for her careful reading and her thoughtful suggestions and anecdotes that we’ve incorporated in this edition.


  • Introduction: New Thinking, New Practice, New Result
  • Chapter 1: Restorative Practices in the Classroom
  • Chapter 2: Restorative Practices and Discipline
  • Chapter 3: Leadership and School Change
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Joshua Wachtel, Ted Wachtel