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Shipping & Returns

Shipping and returns

For order inquiries, including return and refund information, please email us or call (610) 807-9221 (office hours: Weekdays 8 AM to 4:30 PM US Eastern).

Shipping charges

Shipping charges in this online store are automatically calculated using United States Postal Service rates. Orders placed from the U.S. and Canada are shipped from our U.S. office. Shipment to other countries may be shipped from our Australia or U.K. offices.

Orders placed from outside the U.S.

All orders placed in this online store are shown at U.S. prices with U.S. shipping charges. If you are placing an order from outside the U.S., conversion to your country's currency will be made at current rates the day the transaction is completed. Consult your credit card company for information on conversion rates. GST will be added to all orders placed from Canada (5%).

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