Start to Circle

Start to Circle


Start to Circle: 20 Circles for More Magic in Your Classroom offers detailed instructions on running circles with middle and high school students to build connection, openness and security in your classroom and to address issues such as conflicts and recurring problems. Each circle is described in detail including its objective, how to open and close the circle, materials needed, and a time frame for planning. By providing all the specifics of facilitating each kind of circle, the book allows educators to focus on the work of the circle.

Additional features include a short primer on the basics of circles, a tips and tricks section on running circles, select print and video references, and six appendices that offer resources and work sheets when running the circles.

Start to Circle is an English translation of a book published by Ligand, an IIRP associate in Belgium, and written by Daan Haye, a member of their staff. The IIRP created the translation because they thought teachers using restorative practices in English-speaking countries would find it a useful resource.

"This is a phenomenal book! I wish I had this book when I was first using circles."

"Engaging and practical. I like the focus on proactive and responsive circles."

"Easy to read.  I appreciated how it was organized: time frame, objective, activity, tips."

"I like how the circles build on one another and that there are more proactive vs responsive circles."

You might also like: Circling in the Classroom: A Box Full of Questions. The card set is not necessary to use the book. The cards can be used on their own as circle prompts in addition to using them for some of the circles in the book as indicated.

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Daan Heye
IIRP in collaboration with Ligand