Heart Strong Work: Improving Workplace Culture

Heart Strong Work: Improving Workplace Culture


Heart Strong Work: Improving Workplace Culture by Linda Kligman is a practical guide to connecting with colleagues, closing the gaps that divide us, and finding recognition, mutual support, and satisfaction in the workplace.

Essentially co-creating with restorative practitioners what might be the first organizational theory of a restorative work culture, this is not a typical book about leadership.

Kligman shares what she’s learned about how to build authentic relationships, nurture inclusivity, creativity and resilience, and transform conflict into productive engagement. Heart Strong Work combines both research from Kligman’s doctoral studies, where she focused on workplace leaders using restorative practices with their colleagues, not their clients, with work experiences of her own and others. Chapter by chapter, the book provides detailed information on how to create a restorative culture proactively, as well as address common issues in any workplace. Highlighted examples, informative graphics, leadership tips, and Three Heart Strong Habits further illuminate the theme of each chapter.

At a time when employers are looking for new workplace models and employees are expecting them, Heart Strong Work shows how any workplace can support both personal growth and steward collective goals.

"Heart Strong Work is the book we all need. Too often we hear platitudes about working together without any concrete steps to make it happen. Linda Kligman has given us a playbook for transforming the workplace. Every business leader, and honestly every employee, should apply these heart strong skills." - Kim Scott, Author of Just Work and Radical Candor

"Dr. Kligman’s work helps us see that the world of work, regardless of enterprise, is ultimately a human experience.  This book is a must-read for any organization attempting to locate its heart.  I can’t wait for its release so that my team and I can read it together!" - Dr. Chris Plum, CEO, GPS Solutions

"How can we truly engender authentic, deep, and trustworthy relationships, which are necessary for long-term organizational strength and stability in such a divided world? Linda Kligman has given us a road map to nurturing the kind of dignity, connection, and collaboration necessary to build communities of trust and flourishing." - Dr. Lester A. McCorn, President, Clinton College

"Heart Strong Work is the perfect tool for anyone that believes in the positive impact restorative practices can have in the workplace. Heart Strong Work truly highlights the power of building positive relationships in the workplace through great storytelling and everyday examples." - Fabian Armendariz, Director of Operations, Wichita Public Schools



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