Dreaming of a New Reality

Dreaming of a New Reality


By Ted Wachtel

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Author Ted Wachtel provides compelling stories and statistics that demonstrate the promise of restorative practices, an exciting social movement. From restorative justice to restorative schools and workplaces, rarely does a proposed solution to challenging problems come with such a compelling track record — persuasive evidence that restorative practices heal victims, prevent bullying, curb conflict and boost satisfaction and productivity.

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Praise from around the world

“Ted Wachtel knows as much as anyone about restorative practices. This book is a wonderful and eye-opening introduction to how much can change for the better in our families, schools, workplaces and justice systems when we begin to do things with people, rather than to or for them. Read this book and then join Ted and many others who are building a restorative future.”
—Dan Van Ness, Executive Director, Centre for Justice and Reconciliation (host of Restorative Justice Online)

“Wachtel and his colleagues at the International Institute for Restorative Practices have been the great social entrepreneurs of the movement for restorative practices in schools, universities, workplaces, the criminal justice system and beyond. Turning these pages we are inspired by their stories. This brilliant book enlivens the hope of restorative living as a practical reality.”
—Dr. John Braithwaite, Distinguished Professor, The Australian National University

“Let’s hope that Ted Wachtel’s book, Dreaming of a New Reality, becomes reality. Among other things, it offers a common-sense approach to help our ailing schools. Most importantly, his concept of restorative zones builds the perfect bridge between schools and communities.”
—Phil Goldsmith, Former CEO, School District of Philadelphia and COO, City of Philadelphia

“The New Reality of which he dreams could revolutionize education in the United States.”
—Dr. Muriel Berkeley, Founder, Baltimore Curriculum Project, Maryland

“A wonderfully accessible take on restorative justice across many settings.”
—Dr. Heather Strang, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, U.K.

“In Dreaming of a New Reality, through compelling real-life stories, Wachtel exposes the reader, up close and personal, to the many successes of restorative practices around the world.”
—Dr. Joseph Roy, Superintendent, Bethlehem Area School District, Pennsylvania

“I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me. A concise, enjoyable story of the astonishing accomplishments of restorative practices.”
—Robert J. Begley, Lawyer, Mediator and Arbitrator, Mill Valley, California

“The book is inspiring. The whole book is like a restorative process.”
—Vidia Negrea, Executive Director, Community Service Foundation of Hungary

“An impressive book that shows concretely how restorative practices work.”
—Dr. Frank Früchtel, Professor, Potsdam University for Applied Sciences, Germany

“Recent decades have witnessed the start of a revolution in the way western societies handle crime and conflict. Ted Wachtel and the International Institute for Restorative Practices have been a major driving force behind this transformation.”
—Dr. Gerry Johnstone, Professor of Law, University of Hull, U.K.

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