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18 minutes
Produced by:
IIRP in association with American Humane's National Center on Family Group Decision Making

Product Description

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Family Voices is an 18-minute documentary about family group decision making (FGDM), a restorative approach to problem solving used worldwide that enables families to make decisions for themselves, in child welfare, youth justice and other situations. In the empowering spirit of FGDM, Family Voices lets families do the talking.

This moving, candid, even humorous video follows nine culturally, economically and geographically diverse American families on their journey of discovery of FGDM, from their initial fears, questions and hopes to their joy in seeing the process work. Children to grandparents offer their opinions and explain the FGDM process. It’s an ideal vehicle to acquaint both families and professionals with FGDM. 

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